UAC Parts Catalog
TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Rev. 11-20-07
A/C Belt Tools & Reference Flush Kits Recovery, Recycle, Evacuate & Recharge Equipment
  Gauges Refrigerant Identifier
A/C sealant detection GM Compressor Rotor & Bearing Puller Set Replacement Parts (Manifolds & Charging Hoses)
Brass Brush for Spring Lock Fittings Heated Charging Cylinder RetroFit Labels, Kit
Charging Adapters / Hose Extensions Hose & Ball Valves Shaft Seal Protector
Charging Hoses Hose Cutters Service Tools & Accessories
Clutch Pulley Puller Leak Detectors
(Electronic leak detection, Ultraviolet leak detection)
Dyes, Dye Injectors
Shaft Seal Service Sets
Clutch, Seal & Bearing Service Sets Thermometers, Pyrometers, Photo Tachometer, Volume Aire/Air Balancer
Compressor Tool Chart
Illustrations of Compressor Tools
Propane Leak Detector (Ocean Export Only) Tubing Tools
Crimping Tools & Equipment Leak Sealers Vacuum Pumps, Pump Fittings, R12 and R134a
Electronic Charging, Recovery Scales Manifold Gauge Sets & Accessories
(Digital, Liquid & Glycerine)
Voltage Detectors
Endplate Removers    
Photo Gallery
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